#Art is Essential: UK-wide campaign to raise the profile of the visual arts

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#Art is Essential: UK-wide campaign to raise the profile of the visual arts

Help us make the visual arts truly visible

We recently took part in the launch of a UK-wide ‘Art is Essential’ campaign with an aim to make truly visible the importance of visual art in everybody’s lives.

The purpose of the campaign is to ensure that policy and decision makers in local and national government understand the far-reaching impact that the visual arts have in our communities, and the huge contribution they make to our economy. The arts have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis and we know how important they are for the wellbeing of our nation, not to mention the many creative jobs and industries that rely upon a vibrant cultural landscape.

Whether you are an artist or work in the visual arts, whether you are a venue or network or you simply love seeing art and taking part, you can make a difference by being part of this campaign.


We want to flood the internet with positive messages of support for the visual arts community and its far-reaching impact on the lives of everyone.

Tell us on social media why #ArtIsEssential to you, your organisation, your network, your health and wellbeing, your identity, your income or your sense of self.

Use the hashtag #artisessential, add an image that helps tell your story (or share the Art is Essential graphic) and show the impact of art in your life. Be as creative as you like; we’ll be sharing a selection on our social media pages and with the national campaign.

You can download #ArtIsEssential graphics for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram here

Find out more about the campaign here

Watch the launch video here