Gabriele de Santis

Gabriele de Santis

Work on paper, on paper, on paper, 2018

Post-it notes, clip frame
Framed 29.7 x 42 cm
Signed and numbered edition of 3

The work of Gabriele De Santis moves through time, oscillating between his native city of Rome’s history and contemporary culture, with stops in-between to journey through art history. In a series of paintings, for example, his work sees the heavy and weighty history of marble colliding with the fluid and instantaneous language of social media.

His editions here envisage a contemporary landscape composed of an office staple, the Post-it note. Using all the different types of Post-it note that De Santis could find in a store located underneath his apartment, the editions animate the material to produce three variations, each with its own rhythm and speed. Collect all three!

MOSTYN is a charity registered in the UK and proceeds from the sales of the editions will be invested back into the gallery's exhibition and engagement programme.

For further details about the editions by the artists or to purchase an edition, please email: [email protected]