Chemical Photography with Richard Cynan Jones

Chemical Photography with Richard Cynan Jones
Richard Cynan Jones
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Chemical Photography with Richard Cynan Jones

Portffolio: Artist-led masterclass for 14-18 year olds
22 July 2017, 11:00am to 5:00pm

During this workshop, you will be able to construct a pinhole camera from recycled materials and explore the creative possibilities of low-fi photography.

Learn how to make test exposures with paper negatives. Then use your handmade cameras to take photographs, which will then be developed in a darkroom (which you can learn to make for your own practise). You’ll then be able to take home your pinhole camera and two negatives.

Richard Cynan Jones is an artist and photographer, specialising in 19th century photographic processes and early visual media. He uses various techniques, including wet collodion process, photogenic drawing, salted paper printing and the calotype. Richard has worked with the Fox Talbot Museum and his work has featured on several BBC documentaries, and will be teaching you all the special tricks and tips he’s learnt over the years.

£12.50 per workshop or £50 for five workshops (contact us for info on forthcoming workshops).

All materials are provided and are included in the cost.

What is Portffolio?
MOSTYN’S Portffolio programme is an Arts Council Wales funded initiative for young people with a passion for the visual arts. Aimed at students in Conwy aged between 14 and 18, the programme sets out to nurture and support more able and talented students.

Experienced artists from a range of disciplines will share their work and help you develop your skills in exploring materials and techniques you may not have used before. There will be opportunities for you to discuss your work and develop your personal portfolio.


Booking is essential. Telephone 01492 868191.