GALLERY 1 EVENT: Be who you want to be!

Gabriel Hansen performs, Image: Georgia Colman
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GALLERY 1 EVENT: Be who you want to be!

31 January 2015, 7:00pm

To celebrate their first show ‘GALLERY 1’, our Cylch group of 15-25 year old is hosting a night on which we ask you to ‘Be who you want to be!’

We’ll be dressing up as our secret alter-egos and welcome you to do the same. If you’re short on renaissance ruffs or superhero suits, we’ll provide costumes, hats and props for you to exercise your imagination, and a photo booth to record your second self for posterity. There‘ll be free food (first come first served) music and intros by our Cylch members. It will be a great chance to meet other like minded young people and spark creative times ahead.

GALLERY 1 is a show chosen and created by 15-25 year olds. It is a bona fide museum of modern life, boasting all sorts from a signed Tony Hawk skateboard direct from the legend himself, to a video of a live mermaid in a bathtub in the middle of Chester High Street!

You don’t have to have an interest in art or be ‘good at art’ to get involved in CYLCH. You’ll meet new people, develop new skills and plan events for young people, and have a great time in the process!

*For your VIP invite to the pre-event, starting at 6pm, or to find out more give us a call (0)1492 879 201, drop us a text (07724918369) or email [email protected] us and we’ll have a chat. *

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