Introduction to Encaustic with Susie Liddle

Susie Liddle
Susie Liddle
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Introduction to Encaustic with Susie Liddle

Creative workshop for adults
29 June 2019, 10:30am to 4:00pm

This workshop is an introduction to the ancient art of encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting. It involves using encaustic medium prepared from beeswax and damar resin and coloured pigments. The clear liquid or coloured wax is then applied to a warmed surface, usually prepared wood and then fused with heat.

Participants will have access to two 'hot' working stations for wax and for fusing the wax layers with hot air guns. Each participant will also have their own individual work area and there will be areas for group use equipment eg pastels, stencils, ephemera.

The day will comprise of demonstrations of applying and fusing the wax and various techniques for creating line, colour, image transfer and texture under into and on encaustic wax with participants initially practising on small sample boards. This will then be followed by participants working freely on a larger board using techniques learned earlier in the day. If time allows further techniques can be demonstrated on request and additional boards purchased should they be required.

We will be using small boards in the morning: Size 5ins x 5ins (12.7 x 12.7cms) 5 per person.

Each participant will have a large board In the afternoon: Size 9ins x 9ins (22.8 x 22.8cms) 1 per person (extra boards are available to buy direct from Susie)

All materials are provided, but please do bring along any source material, drawings or inspirations that you may wish to work from.

Things you might like to bring along with you:


Notebook or sketch book.

Scriber or anything to scratch marks into the wax.

Dip pen if you would like to draw on the wax with Indian ink (inks provided).

Any images, papers or other bits of ephemera that you would like to collage into your work. Colour or black and white is fine and any method of printing is fine. Avoid glossy images and thick paper. If something is precious, too thick or not absorbent then its best to copy it eg photographs.

Images to transfer onto the wax surface These MUST be laser print or photocopies. Ink jet doesn’t work for transfer. Simple black and white images are best although colour will also work. Your image may need to be flipped as it will transfer in reverse. This particularly important if there is text. Do bear in mind the size of boards we will be using when choosing images [Boards will be supplied]

No prior experience is needed.

£65 per person [Student £60]



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