Nicola Dale - DAY

Nicola Day, The Act of Reading 2017
Nicola Day, The Act of Reading 2017
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Nicola Dale - DAY

The Act of Reading
16 September 2017, 11:00am

‘DAY’ is a project that takes place in the atrium space at MOSTYN during the day and is a counterpoint to ‘TONIGHT’, presented after dark on the façade of the MOSTYN building during LLAWN05.

Nicola Dale will be presenting The Act of Reading (2017) throughout Saturday 16 September.

For the piece Dale imitates a series of poses derived from art historical depictions of women reading, recalling MOSTYN’s origin as a temporary home for exhibitions by the Gwynedd Ladies’ Art Society.
The performance connects with MOSTYN’s recent 'History Series' of exhibitions which used the gallery building's past history as inspiration for exhibitions in the present.
The hidden nature of the past is evoked by the performance of The Act of Reading (2017) itself – it is enacted in such a way that it might go unnoticed, blending into the fabric of everyday life, its subtlety revealed only through closer inspection.

Standpoint Futures
Nicola Dale was one of the selected artists for the 2017 programme of Standpoint Futures residencies, run in partnership and hosted with Chisenhale Studios.
Artists were selected by Alfredo Cramerotti, Director MOSTYN, Llandudno; Ben Borthwick, Director Plymouth Arts Centre; Kwong Lee, Director Castlefield Gallery, Manchester; Andrea Davidson, Arts Manager Chisenhale Studios; and Fiona MacDonald, Director Standpoint Futures.
Standpoint Futures visual art development residencies are for emerging/mid career artists, based outside Greater London. They are designed to be flexible and responsive to the project, needs and desired outcomes of individual participants. The residency's chief aims are to provide high quality, individualised opportunities to develop the artist's practice and career, and to integrate London and the regional UK art world to promote access and the exchange of ideas.

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