Portffolio: artist-led masterclass for 14-18 yr olds

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Jude Riley
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Portffolio: artist-led masterclass for 14-18 yr olds

Marbling Paper and Silk with Jude Riley
24 March 2018, 11:00am


Dip surfaces into paint to make amazing patterns

Jude Riley’s workshop will cover the unique and colourful world of marbling. Create patterns using paints floating on water! Anything absorbent dipped into this pattern will transfer the paint from the water to the surface of the object. Using paper and fabrics, this can create amazing surfaces that can be turned into anything! You’ll come away with your own marbled paper, and techniques you can use at home.

About the Artist:

I have been marbling for over 20 years. I stumbled upon an article about marbling and after a few tentative experiments became completely hooked. I base my techniques on traditional European marbling; pigments are floated on a bath of ‘size’, prepared from carrageen seaweed. The colours are then manipulated into an endless variety of patterns which can be lifted from the surface of the bath on a sheet of paper or length of silk fabric. I also produce some designs inspired by Japanese marbling, Suminagashi. Using a slightly modified technique, I produce bold contemporary patterns which retain the fluid elegance of traditional Suminagashi. My inspiration comes from my love of colour and from the marbling process itself. I enjoy the manipulation of the floating colours and trying to find the balance between control and happenstance.

£12.50 per workshop or 3 for £30.

Workshops include a 1 hour break. Please bring packed lunches.

What is Portffolio?
MOSTYN’S Portffolio programme is an Arts Council Wales funded initiative for young people with a passion for the visual arts. Aimed at students in Conwy aged between 14 and 18, the programme sets out to nurture and support more able and talented students. Experienced artists from a range of disciplines will share their work and help you develop your skills in exploring materials and techniques you may not have used before. There will be opportunities for you to discuss your work and develop your personal portfolio.


Booking is essential. Telephone 01492 868191 (10.30am - 5.00pm, Tue - Sun)

Or book online: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/mostyn-gallery-portffolio-project-14207983533