Portffolio: artist-led masterclass for 14-18 yr olds

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Iain Perry
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Portffolio: artist-led masterclass for 14-18 yr olds

Screen Printing with Iain Perry
14 April 2018, 11:00am

11am - 5pm

Print paint in layers to create amazing artwork

Iain Perry’s workshop will show you how to make your own screen printed artwork. Learn how to break down a design into seperate layers and then bring them back together using different coloured paints. It’s a great way to train the brain to see art in all of its individual parts. You’ll come away with your very own screen print and a greater understanding of the printed art world.

About the Artist:
Print Garage is run by Iain Perry, an artist and screenprinter creating deeply layered, colour saturated, slow motion screen prints. His work borrows language from other art forms, film and photography, poetry, electronic music and rave culture – amalgamating, mixing and remixing, offering up familiar signs and signifiers but now refracted and reflected, elusive and allusive, all lightly seasoned with a slightly understated degree of subversion. Layers of fragmented iconography and geometry coalesce on the paper, like motes of dust trapped in a beam of light teasing us with a cheeky glimpse of a much bigger gestalt. The image generation is a slow process of experimentation, of trial and error; collecting imagery, developing patterns and overlaying all the different elements until new and intriguing relationships emerge.

£12.50 per workshop or 3 for £30.
Workshops include a 1 hour break. Please bring packed lunches.

What is Portffolio?
MOSTYN’S Portffolio programme is an Arts Council Wales funded initiative for young people with a passion for the visual arts. Aimed at students in Conwy aged between 14 and 18, the programme sets out to nurture and support more able and talented students. Experienced artists from a range of disciplines will share their work and help you develop your skills in exploring materials and techniques you may not have used before. There will be opportunities for you to discuss your work and develop your personal portfolio.


Booking is essential. Telephone 01492 868191 (10.30am - 5.00pm, Tue - Sun)

Or book online: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/mostyn-gallery-portffolio-project-14207983533