Portffolio: Artist-led masterclass for 14-18 yr olds

Experimental Photography with Charles Gershom
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Portffolio: Artist-led masterclass for 14-18 yr olds

Experimental Photography with Charles Gershom
15 December 2018, 10:30am

10:30am - 3:30pm

Using Photography as a creative tool is often challenging. Understanding which ISO, aperture or lens to use when capturing the perfect image can be very confusing. This experimental workshop uses the process of breakings things to achieve a greater understanding of photographic processes. A collection of vintage and modern cameras will be dismantled while learning how they worked. The parts will then be used to build a selection of brand-new experimental cameras. The final part of the session will be learning to use your Frankenstein camera, understanding its limitations and working out how to get the best of out your new photography tool. 

About the Artist:
Charles is a Welsh Artist and Technologist. His main practice is based around electronic sculpture, audio performance and digital media.  Built around an intuitive and symbiotic relationship with technology, Charles uses custom built electronic devices to create work that includes installations, performances and film with a very bare machinic aesthetic.  Charles is an avid supporter of the arts as an educational and wellbeing tool. Working in Schools and communities to share ideas and teach creative practice as a way of improving all aspects of day to day life.

£10 per workshop. 
Workshops include a 1 hour break. Please bring packed lunches.

What is Portffolio?
MOSTYN’S Portffolio programme is an Arts Council Wales funded initiative for young people with a passion for the visual arts. Aimed at students in Conwy aged between 14 and 18, the programme sets out to nurture and support more able and talented students. Experienced artists from a range of disciplines will share their work and help you develop your skills in exploring materials and techniques you may not have used before. There will be opportunities for you to discuss your work and develop your personal portfolio.


Booking is essential. Telephone 01492 868191 (10.30am - 5.00pm, Tue - Sun)

Or book online: https://tinyurl.com/y9loqt86