Portffolio: artist-led masterclass for 14-18 yr olds

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Jonathan Brier
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Portffolio: artist-led masterclass for 14-18 yr olds

Life Drawing with Jonathan Brier
17 March 2018, 11:00am

11.00am - 5.00pm

The second in a two-part course looking at the human figure using fast paced poses, charcoals and oil paints (workshop 1: 10 March 2018)

Jonathan Brier’s workshops will look at the human body and how to capture it on paper.
Over two sessions, you will learn how to use a variety of mediums to draw the human figure. Perspective, proportion, shading and tone will be brought together to help you break down the anatomy of the model. You’ll come away with a collection of partial and whole figure sketches, drawings and paintings.

About the Artist: 
I find release and freedom in my abstract work, a contrast to the tighter observational studies of my still life and figurative work. My larger works can take months to complete which has a natural retarder on progress, however by interspersing smaller and seemingly unrelated works I am able to keep my ideas fresh and alive. My work to date has evolved naturally and more importantly so has my subject matter. Becoming a painter has always been my priority so I have never felt the need to make a statement with my work just for the sake of it or in order to justify myself as an `Artist`. This is not to say that my work to date is without content, it’s just that it’s localised to the individual piece. Now I feel that I have found my subject and I am ready to explore it.’

£12.50 per workshop or 3 for £30. 
Workshops include a one hour break. Please bring packed lunches.

What is Portffolio?
MOSTYN’S Portffolio programme is an Arts Council Wales funded initiative for young people with a passion for the visual arts. Aimed at students in Conwy aged between 14 and 18, the programme sets out to nurture and support more able and talented students. Experienced artists from a range of disciplines will share their work and help you develop your skills in exploring materials and techniques you may not have used before. There will be opportunities for you to discuss your work and develop your personal portfolio.


Booking is essential. Telephone 01492 868191 (10.30am - 5.00pm, Tue - Sun)

Or book online: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/mostyn-gallery-portffolio-project-14207983533