Stitched Interventions: the needle as paint brush with Francesca Colussi

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Stitched Interventions: the needle as paint brush with Francesca Colussi

Creative workshop for adults
26 August 2018, 10:30am to 4:00pm

Working with Francesca you will transform vintage postcards and photos into your own personal story, designing with thread and needle. You’ll add colours, words, witty and surreal narratives, or abstract and geometrical shapes and patterns on paper ephemera, creating your own crafted artwork.

Francesca will introduce you to different stitches, threads and needles, explaining some of the more common embroidery stitches and the difference of working on fabric and paper. You’ll interpret creatively using some of the simpler embroidery stitches: the needle will be your pencil and the thread your paint. From deep within your imagination you’ll create a new story for the original image, layering stitches over found postcards and creating a new textural dimension, pushing the boundaries between illustration, fine art and craft.

No previous embroidery experience is required. Beginners and explorers of new skills are welcome.

(You are welcome to bring along your own postcards/found images as long as they are sturdy enough to be hand stitched) .

All materials are provided, but please do bring along any source material, drawings or inspirations that you may wish to work from.

No prior experience is needed.

£45 per person.


Booking is essential, please contact our shop Tuesday - Sunday 10.30 - 5pm

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