Treat art with Dada

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Treat art with Dada

A lecture by Dr Sarah Pogoda
8 June 2019, 2:30pm

Zurich, 1916 – Europe´s nations are at war. Artists from all over Europe, however, unite in Zurich to follow their transnational passion for art, particularly poetry – and they find Dada. Dada was their answer to the ideologies of their time, Dada was their answer to rigid ideas of art, Dada was their answer to everything. ‘Why can't a tree be called Pluplusch, and Pluplubasch when it has been raining?’ Hugo Ball´s simple question nails Dada´s powerful imagination that transformed our ways to make and perceive art until today.

‘Where art and words collide’ lecture series

What is literature? What is art? What is beautiful? The relationship between artist, author, and audience is fraught with uneasy expectations of finding ‘meaning’. However, both literature and art thrive in places where art and words collide and meaning breaks apart to reveal alternative worlds and new approaches. From a historical look at violence in literature, to the places where narrative threads turn into digital tapestries, words trade meaning to become sounds, and perspective reframes creative approaches to become new art.

This series of lectures explores art and literature as interactive spaces for posing questions rather than imposing meaning.

8 June, 2:30pm   

Treat art with Dada - A lecture by Dr Sarah Pogoda

15 June, 2:30pm  

Making art write: gallery spaces as writing inspiration - A lecture by Dr DeAnn Bell


Lectures are FREE  

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