Violence: a hard hitting story

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Violence: a hard hitting story

A lecture by Professor Andrew Hiscock
18 May 2019, 4:00pm


Andrew Hiscock focuses upon the pressure of violence in the appreciation of art, literature and our everyday lives. He explores the ways in which aggression has been reviewed and reformulated by successive generations of thinkers since the Second World War and how such considerations may shape the ways in which we engage with the creative industries and, indeed, the world outside our front door.

‘Where art and words collide’ lecture series

What is literature? What is art? What is beautiful? The relationship between artist, author, and audience is fraught with uneasy expectations of finding ‘meaning’. However, both literature and art thrive in places where art and words collide and meaning breaks apart to reveal alternative worlds and new approaches. From a historical look at violence in literature, to the places where narrative threads turn into digital tapestries, words trade meaning to become sounds, and perspective reframes creative approaches to become new art.

This series of lectures explores art and literature as interactive spaces for posing questions rather than imposing meaning.

18 May, 4:00pm   

Violence: a hard hitting story - A lecture by Professor Andrew Hiscock

25 May, 2:30pm   

Storytelling in the digital age - A lecture by Dr Lyle Skains

1 June, 2:30pm   

Questioning difficult perspectives in ordinary spaces A lecture by Jordan Glendenning

8 June, 2:30pm   

Treat art with Dada - A lecture by Dr Sarah Pogoda

15 June, 2:30pm  

Making art write: gallery spaces as writing inspiration - A lecture by Dr DeAnn Bell






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