Chiara Camoni


Chiara Camoni

About this and that. The self and the other. Like everything.
9 November - 1 March 2020

Including new and recent works, Chiara Camoni's exhibition includes a collaborative piece made specifically for MOSTYN.

Working primarily across drawing, sculpture and installation, Camoni creates spaces imbued with poetic sensibility.

Her work is the result of a process which she calls ‘deviations’ where materials are sourced through chance encounters and individuals or ‘various authors’ close to her. Through this process Camoni claims that ‘meaning is shared, it’s a small miracle. It’s her and their way of resisting – the fear, the passage of time, the news of the day’.

Chiara Camoni was born in Piacenza, Italy in 1974 and lives and works in Fabbiano, Italy. After graduating in Sculpture from Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, she worked at the Institute of Natural Sciences in Neaples for many years.
Together with other artists, she founded the MAGra Contemporary Art Museum of Granara and the Vladivostok group.

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