Eliffant: Sense Us


Eliffant: Sense Us

12 March - 17 April 2022

On the first weekend of March the Project Space hosted Eliffant and artist mentor Sam Metz for a 2 day mini-residency of collaborative conversations and workshops.

The installation contains accessible co-designed furniture alongside a display of multi-media works by Eliffant, generated through a Drawing as Stimming workshop led by Metz.

Eliffant is the collective identity of artists Leila Bebb, Siân Healey, Ceridwen Powell and Dr Sara Louise Wheeler who formed through Disability Arts Cymru’s Creativity is Mistakes Project.

Creativity is Mistakes is an Arts Council Wales: Connect and Flourish project led by Disability Arts Cymru. In partnership with MOSTYN, Artes Mundi, g39 and Venture Arts, the programme seeks to connect disabled, d/Deaf, and neuro-divergent artists with galleries and arts organisations across Wales to improve access and visibility of under-represented artists and develop new opportunities.

A video slide show of the drawings made by the Eliffant Artists, as part of Eliffant: Sense Us exhibition at MOSTYN.



Drawing as Stimming was developed by Sam Metz, Sian Morrel, David Wilson Clarke with thanks to Necessity and Big Draw.

“Sometimes a shape, mark, or line pattern finds me. I lay the marks as a rhythm. I feel into the drawing, noticing how my body feels making the mark.

Noticing the sound the pen or pencil makes on the paper. Slowing down to look at what I have done, or speeding up to enjoy repeating marks and gestures.

Allowing myself to move with the drawing is soothing. It reminds me I am located in my body! The repetitive marks are calming, they allow me to get rid of uncomfortable energy.”

Download the "Drawing as Stimming" pack here.

Audio transcript: drawing as stimming - PAGE 1

Audio transcript: drawing as stimming - PAGE 2

Audio transcript: drawing as stimming - PAGE 3

Audio transcript: drawing as stimming - PAGE 4