Fernando Garcia-Dory


Fernando Garcia-Dory

The Dairy Museum
22 September - 6 January 2013

Invited to realise a project at MOSTYN as part of Artes Mundi 5 Fernando Garcia-Dory reflects and echos the work of Radovan Kraguly by building a scale model of one of Kraguly’s early drawing propsals from the 1990s for a Dairy Museum.

This temporary structure will host a museum within the gallery, in this case curated by local dairy farmers, invited to contribute some of their significant objects, texts, and other materials. It will also become a working platform or stage for meetings and discussions on the current critical situation of dairy farming and other rural issues. Members of local Young Farmers Clubs are also invited to adopt the platform as a catalyst for use in their activities and events and a stage for streaming live TV.

Fernando Garcia-Dory also contributes a video on Radovan Kraguly’s life and some re-enacted drawings. An introduction to Radovan Kraguly’s exhibition can be viewed from 22 September.