Keith Arnatt and 'YOU'


Keith Arnatt and 'YOU'

27 April - 7 July 2013

The exhibition marks a return to MOSTYN for the work of Keith Arnatt, who previously exhibited at the gallery in 1989. Focusing exclusively on his later practice, this selection of works highlights Arnatt’s vivid ability to reveal the beauty, poetry and humour in seemingly mundane aspects of everyday life as well as revealing profound layers of relationship in the communication between people.

Keith Arnatt is one of most celebrated artists of his generation.

During the 1960s and 1970s Arnatt asserted his position as one of the UK’s leading conceptual artists. His works from this period rigorously question the object of art, including its production and perception, as well as the position of the artist, and the artist as subject for work. Arnatt’s wide use of photography during this time was more prominent throughout his later work. This shift in approach reflected Arnatt’s growing interest in the camera as tool for art making and its ability to not only document, but also affect a subject’s perception and behaviour.

The display of Keith Arnatt’s work acts as a powerful and timely counterpoint to the other artistic contributions to the group exhibition ‘YOU’, showing concurrently at MOSTYN, and which shares Arnatt’s concern to address and reflect on the viewer’s position. It demonstrates the continued relevance and importance of Arnatt’s work and places it in the context of today, inviting new interpretations and understandings of his work.