Radovan Kraguly


Radovan Kraguly

The Milky Way
20 October - 6 January 2013

MOSTYN presents an important survey exhibition of work by the celebrated artist Radovan Kraguly. For nearly forty years, including a long period living in rural mid-Wales, Kraguly has sought to examine and depict the estrangement of man from nature. Selecting the use of dairy farm animals in particular he looks at the loss of identity and vital bond between man and nature.

Brought up on a small farm near Prijedor in the former Yugoslavia, now Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kraguly probes the control and dependence man has on the environment. Increasingly physical bonds have diminished and the relationship our lives have to the fundamental basis of nature is breached by abstraction. For many milk doesn’t come from a cow, it comes from a supermarket.

By stylistically presenting themes of the dairy cow in abstract and conceptual terms Kraguly’s paintings, sculptures and multi-media installations are characterised by elements of order and geometry resembling the enclosed, fragmented boundaries surrounding us in the physical world.