Rebecca Gould


Rebecca Gould

Gallery 6: Uprisings
19 July - 9 November 2014

Born in 1980 in Scotland and based in Holyhead, Rebecca Gould makes work that can be described as ‘urgent’. Her practice focuses on the immediacy of the act and the transformative power of the artistic gesture. The work takes multiple forms and uses a wide range of materials, in which we can appreciate the sense of history of the final object as well as its transitional character. With Gould’s art, it is as if we keep making slight adjustments to our clothes in order for them to fit us better.

About Gallery 6

Housed in the upper level of MOSTYN, Gallery 6 is dedicated to presenting the work of young and emerging artists, all of whom are yet to have a solo exhibition in an institutional setting, either nationally or internationally. The Gallery 6 space and its associated programme, entitled ‘Uprisings’, provide the opportunity for an artist to work under professional conditions, and to present their work to a larger audience. For the audience too, Gallery 6 will provide a platform for discovery. It will bring to MOSTYN a diverse range of artists, at the very forefront of contemporary art practice, from both home and away.

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