3 December - 15 January 2012

This unique, multi-dimensional exhibition has developed out of a body of paintings Gareth Griffith started which had, as their origins, a particular blue tent that his family used when camping in Jamaica in the early 1970s. He had, in his own words been ‘revisiting that time of late in my work, facing up to the ghosts of my past. For me the first image I created had a dark presence, and became the precursor of the rest of the work in this exhibition.’

He started to make small constructions of tents/shelters, initially to use as maquettes for his paintings. These became an end in themselves and after about the twentieth, he asked his sons (themselves also artists) to make their own shelter. From this came the idea of a field of tents/shelters that in turn developed into a collaborative process with other artists. The exhibition develops and expands upon an installation in which a number of these were shown at Galeri in Caernarfon earlier this year as an adjunct to his paintings.

Constructed only from found materials that were to hand, sixty artists such as Peter Finnemore, Heather and Ivan Morison, Ivor Richards and Paul Granjon have each contributed their own ‘shelters’ to the presentation at Mostyn giving us a fascinating array of ideas, material, shapes and influences.