Tim Davies


Tim Davies

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
18 September - 6 November 2010

Leading artist Tim Davies continues to explore recurring themes such as identity, power structures, and the effects of colonial power, evident more specifically through the artist’s interest in architectural and other man-made structures.

Whether these structures are monuments, bridges, mansion houses or cathedrals, Davies explores the ideologies embedded within them in an attempt to reveal the complex real and symbolic meanings they hold for us. Between a Rock and a Hard Place also includes earlier works by the artist such as Figures in a Landscape (2004/08) and the DVD, Distant Views (2008).

Tim Davies will represent Wales at the Venice Biennale next year.


Between a Rock and a Hard Place is a Glynn Vivian Art Gallery touring exhibition. It is accompanied by a catalogue with an essay by Ann Jones, Curator of Projects, Arts Council Collection. Supported by the Arts Council of Wales.