EDGE Digital Skills: Designing a Future Wales

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courtesy Paul Eastwood / Ysgol y Creuddyn
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EDGE Digital Skills: Designing a Future Wales

Learn to Use SketchUp with artist Paul Eastwood
30 April 2020, 10:00am to 29 May 2020, 5:00pm
Designing a Future Wales
Learn to use SketchUp software, with artist Paul Eastwood, and contribute to a brand new digital artwork (suitable for adults and children aged 12+)
A series of tutorials in which you'll learn how to draw 3D objects using SketchUp software.  You'll then use your skills to design some buildings for a future Wales. Send your designs to us to contribute to a shared vision of your Future Wales which will be exhibited on MOSTYN's website and social media.

What type of buildings would you like to see in a future Wales?
This could be a house, shopping centre, library, sports arena, museum or any other building you would like to create.  
This is your chance to imagine and design a building and send it to MOSTYN, where it will be added to create a future Welsh city. 
Be experimental, bold and imaginative. Help create an exciting vision of a  Future Wales. 

Getting Started: How to download Sketch-up

Tutorial 1: Shape and Push – Pull Tools
Drawing two dimensional shapes and the push/pulling them into 3D

Tutorial 2: Orbit, Pan, Zoom and Zoom Extent Tools
Moving around the screen to view your design and add detail

Tutorial 3: Line and Free Hand Tools
Drawing extra elements by hand
Tutorial 4: Select and Erase Tools
Making changes to your design
Tutorial 5: Move and Rotate Tools
Change the arrangement and order of your design
Tutorial 6: Copy and Paste
Duplicating all or part of your design
Tutorial 7: Paint Bucket Tool
Adding colours and pattern
Tutorial 8: Shadow Tool
Adding shadows to make you’re your design more lifelike
Tutorial 9: Follow Me Tool
Creating unusual 3D shapes
Tutorial 10: Measurement Tool
Using scale within your design
Tutorial 11: Make Component and Make Group
Working with groups of objects
Tutorial 12: How to Save and Export
Share your design with us at MOSTYN!
Send your entries to [email protected] via WeTransfer by Friday 29 May to contribute to a shared vision of your Future Wales which will be exhibited on MOSTYN's website and social media channels.
About EDGE
MOSTYN’s EDGE programme has been funded thanks to the generous support of the Arts Council of Wales and Innovate UK. From January 2019, MOSTYN has worked in conjunction with Wrexham Glyndwr University and resident PhD researcher Clare Harding to look at what audiences want from a public art gallery in the digital age.