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28 June 2020
28 June 2020, 4:00pm to 8:00pm
We’re pleased to present the second broadcast in our collaboration with Montez Press Radio - a series of interviews, conversations, readings and sound by artists, writers, publishers, musicians and activists. In light of the current challenges faced across the globe and within the art sector, this series seeks to forge a sense of continued dialogue and community.
The broadcasts will be aired on the last Sunday of each month from May to August (31 May, 28 June, 26 July, 30 August) between 4-8pm BST 
Participants include, amongst others to be announced soon: A.M.Bang, Christiane Blattmann, Jacqueline de Jong, Jack Burton, Caribic Residency, Juliette Desorgues, Olivia Erlanger, Endangered Languages Project, Attilia Fattori Franchini, Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė, Cinzia Mutigli, New Latin Wave, Athena Papadopoulos, Hannah Regel, Erica Scourti, Zoë Skoulding, Joe Walsh, Yellow Back Books (Becca Thomas, Louise Hobson, Freya Dooley & Clare Charles).
Schedule: Sunday 28 June 2020 from 4.00pm
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PLEASE NOTE: Some of the content in Montez Press Radio may not be appropriate for a younger audience.
4.00pm: New Latin Wave: Extrañamiento: Estrangement
5.00pm: Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė: YGRG169 reads Bloodchild by Octavia Butler
Young Girl Reading Group is a project by artist duo Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė, which came into existence as an actual, weekly reading group in their Berlin flat in 2013. Since then, under this extended serial performative project, the artists have organized more than 160 reading groups and performances at a sustained pace and at a large variety of locations. Young Girl Reading Group started from a collective reading of texts which explore broadly the intersections between gender and technology. Recently, YGRG archive was launched at facilitated by ARIEL - Feminisms in the Aesthetics, Copenhagen as a fragmented but ever growing attempt at a community that will share texts engaged with feminisms and its weavings into the queer and minority positions, decolonialism and the more-than-human.
Dorota Gawęda (b. 1986, PL) and Eglė Kulbokaitė (b. 1987, LT) are an artist duo based in Basel (CH).
6.00pm: Endangered Languages Project

The world's 7,000+ languages are in crisis. Almost half of them are in danger of falling silent in the next couple of generations. In this installment of Voices of Resilience, we'll be talking about one way people resist language loss: language documentation, making records of languages to pass down to future generations.
We'll also discuss how descendants use records that were made centuries ago to reclaim their languages. Anna Belew of the Endangered Languages Project talks with Dr. Emmanuel Ngue Um, director of the Archive of Languages and Oral Resources of Africa, about his work to create and safeguard records of Africa's languages. We'll also talk with Daryn McKenny, manager of the Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre in Newcastle, Australia, about Miromaa's work to help Aboriginal communities create their own records of their languages - and his work to revive the Awabakal language, which fell silent more than a century ago, but is awakening again today with the help of records from the 1800s. Plus: Black Lives Matter in Indigenous languages.
Featuring interviews with Emmanuel Ngue Um and Daryn McKenny. Music by Jeffrey Shapiro; closing song: "Meditjin" by Baker Boy

7.00pm: Jack Burton: Songs from the Shanty Man

An hour of sea shanties! Looking into the history of the genre, and how these songs reflected the lives of the working men aboard ship. Comprised from small press records collected by Jack Burton and his father, and other well known songs, with conversations in between. The topics covered through the songs will range from longing to drinking, and look into the roles of people aboard ship, such as the Shanty Man, who would lead the call and response in many of the songs.
Jack Burton grew up in Barry, South Wales, and now lives in Brussels, Belgium. He is an artist working with painting and photography.
8.00pm: Ceyda Oskay with Plumen, Ibrahim Noori, Mohammed Khan, Abubakar Mohamed, Eyob, Ash, Andualem, Olufemi Daniel, Marcos and others: Sleepdust: Uber drivers singing lullabies (London, March 2019)

Recordings of different drivers singing Ceyda lullabies, as requested, when she broke her leg and had surgery, and relied on the Uber’s to go to/ from the MigrationMuseum in London. It’s a meditation on where the migration is, as the drivers are all originally from different locations around the world.
Ceyda Oskay is an artist and humanitarian worker. The drivers came from various backgrounds, professions, and education.
Montez Press is an artist-run publisher and radio station operating between London, Hamburg, New York and Brussels. Envisaged as the third iteration of the spirit of Lola Montez (Lola, Maria, Mario), Montez Press was formed in 2012 and has since worked to publish texts writing against current critical modalities and theoretical dogmas which inform the workings of the contemporary knowledge economy.
Part of MOSTYN's EDGE digital programme, supported by Arts Council of Wales