MOSTYN's Mission, Vision and Values


MOSTYN's Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

MOSTYN is an international contemporary art gallery based in Wales. We present outstanding and critically engaged international contemporary art that inspires and encourages people to form and share new perspectives on the world through our programmes.

Our Vision

  • To produce outstanding, critically engaged and internationally significant contemporary art exhibitions.
  • To engage, inspire and develop diverse audiences to form new perspectives on the world through the lens of contemporary art via exhibition, learning, digital and public programmes.
  • To nurture, support and promote Wales based artists nationally and internationally.
  • To be an ambitious, resilient, sustainable and internationally connected arts organisation.
  • To be rooted in, and contribute to, the cultural, social and economic community of Wales.

Our Values

  • Artistic excellence
  • Nurturing ambition
  • Inspiring
  • Audience focused
  • Accessible
  • Sustainable