My Online Bedroom

My Online Bedroom

in collaboration with Queer Direct


Alexey Adonin, Eva Brá Barkardóttir, Marine Bataglin, Lee Campbell, Kevin Castro, Romy Colombe. K, Lloyd Morgan Evans, Luca Frati, Sourrain and Erin Guan, Imo Jeffes, Roisin Martindale, Alexandra Murray, Valentina Parati, Jess Parry, Andrea Obinna Pelagatti, Duncan Poulton, Julius Pristauz, Tal Regev, Emil Sands, Victorien Soufflet, Lana Svirezheva, Livi Wilmore

We would like to thank all those who submitted their work to the 'My Online Bedroom' open call, in collaboration with Queer Direct and in response to Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings' exhibition 'In My Room'.

My Online Bedroom' examines the relationship to private and public spaces which has changed dramatically this past year due to lockdown restrictions, with many aspects of everyday life occurring within the privacy of bedrooms. The online display presents works that confront ideas of privacy, personal identity and representation.

We received over 130 applications from over 20 countries worldwide. We were very inspired by the quality of the works produced during these global challenging times.The selection was made by the Queer Direct and MOSTYN teams. 

‘My Online Bedroom’ was open to anyone (aged 14+) targeted at LGBTQIA+ communities and their allies.