Announcement of winner of Open 19

Serena Porrati, “365 days of Sun” 2014, MOSTYN Open 19, 2015, MOSTYN Wales, UK; Photograph Dewi Lloyd

Announcement of winner of Open 19

Serena Porrati wins £10,000 prize


MOSTYN | Wales is delighted to announce that the £10,000 MOSTYN Open 19 prize has been awarded to Serena Porrati for her work, 365 Days of Sun.

The piece, which is of sculpted steel, will be on show alongside works by 37 other selected artists at MOSTYN, Wales’ leading contemporary art gallery in Llandudno until 5th July 2015.

A further prize of £1,000 - the People’s Choice award, will be determined by the artist who receives the most votes from the visiting public during the exhibition’s run.  The winner will be announced at the exhibition close in July.


Statement from the judging panel:

The judges found the task of choosing one artist for the award of £10,000 an extremely difficult decision to make.

While each artist participating in the exhibition has earned the right to be here, and to stand equally alongside the others as potential winner, there was one artist whose commitment to form and concept, and an engagement with process and making, that had a strong and impressive impact on the judges.

The winning work engages with the industrial and the human, and with nature and artifice, as well as ideas of control and chance – issues that speak beyond the language of art and art history, to our environment and society.