Open 19 People's Choice Award winner


Open 19 People's Choice Award winner

Gethin Wyn Jones


MOSTYN | Wales, UK is delighted to announce the winner of the MOSTYN Open 19 People’s Choice Award.

The winner is Gethin Wyn Jones for his work, Awaken From This Illusion – a pixelated print that covers one of the gallery walls.

Visitors to the exhibition were invited to make their choice of their favourite work in the exhibition which included 38 artists from the all around the world, Over 2,000 people voted and the final result was a close call with just eight votes seperating the two most popular works.

The artist said:
It’s great to be voted by the public, the prize money will go towards new equipment to help produce more work. The Open 19 exhibition at MOSTYN provided an opportunity for me to create a pixelated print that acts like a background to the gallery space. I am interested in the viewer’s attention, by creating a moment where they have to perform a double-take and question what they see. I want them to feel that they have to look again and again to gain a richer understanding whilst wandering in the space, both physically and conceptually.

Gethin Wyn Jones previously exhibited at MOSTYN in 2012, and works across a range of media including installation, photography and film. At the core of his work is a concern to examine photography across a range of representational codes and conventions. From this starting point he has developed an interest in interaction of colour, cultural memory and corporate aesthetics.