Christmas Window 2015

Christmas Window 2015

Crafted Christmas
6 November - 3 January 2016

Kate Luck Ceramics | Emily Doran Pottery | Daisy Cooper Ceramics | Adam Ross Ceramics | Benjamin Matthews | I am sjm* | Kayley Holderness

The Crafted Clay Collective is a new and exciting group of six individual ceramic designer makers from London that have been brought together by Kate Luck Ceramics. The Collective was born with a view to widening the retail opportunities available to the Collective members and to support and promote British Craftsmanship through the sale of handmade goods. The Christmas window display at MOSTYN is the first time the new Collective will have exhibited together, and as a group they are thrilled by the opportunity.

The members of The Crafted Clay Collective produce beautiful handmade tableware, interior, decorative and gift ware pieces. The collective makers have a wide and varied source of expertise in both ceramic materials and processes. The impressive work on display has been made using all the production methods available to ceramics including throwing on a wheel, being handbuilt or being slip cast and are available in Porcelain, Stoneware and Terracotta clays. The Crafted Clay Collective are passionate about their craft design field, the materials and processes they use as well as the promotion of handmade ceramic craftsmanship within the wider art field.

With public interest in the crafts sector increasing recently with a dedicated ‘craft week’ being launched in London this past summer. As well as the BBC airing a new television series with a pottery version of the Great British Bake Off, the time is right to bring hand crafted ceramics to the fore with a crowd winning Christmas display at MOSTYN.