Christmas Window 2016: Advent

Christmas Window 2016: Advent

Chlöe Augusta Needham & Sophie Schärer
22 October - 8 January 2017

ADVENT is a collaboration between the papercut artist Chlöe Augusta Needham and the printmaker Sophie Schärer.

They have combined their skill with paper and imagery to create a large advent calendar, unique to MOSTYN and Llandudno, inspired by traditional German streetscape calenders, and the architecture of the town.

The buildings and landscape of the town are simply and elegantly represented, incorporating intricately cut architectural detail, and twenty-four windows with ornate gilt numbers distributed across the townscape. Over the month of December, the windows will open to reveal twenty-four linocut prints, revealing a glimpse of life inside the buildings during advent.

As the festive month unfolds, the scene will gradually reveal itself and the large town Christmas tree fill with decorations.