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26 July 2020
26 July 2020, 3:00pm to 7:00pm
In collaboration with MOSTYN, Montez Press Radio launches a series of interviews, conversations, readings and sound by artists, writers, publishers, musicians and activists. In light of the current challenges faced across the globe and within the art sector,  this series seeks to forge a sense of continued dialogue and community.
The broadcasts will be aired on the last Sunday of each month from May to August (31 May, 28 June, 26 July, 30 August) between 3-7pm BST 
Participants include, amongst others to be announced soon: A.M.Bang, Christiane Blattmann, Jacqueline de Jong, Jack Burton, Caribic Residency, Juliette Desorgues, Olivia Erlanger, Endangered Languages Project, Attilia Fattori Franchini, Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė, Cinzia Mutigli, New Latin Wave, Athena Papadopoulos, Hannah Regel, Erica Scourti, Zoë Skoulding, Joe Walsh, Yellow Back Books (Becca Thomas, Louise Hobson, Freya Dooley & Clare Charles). 
Schedule: Sunday 26 July 2020 from 3.00pm
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3.00pm: Nikima Jagudajev and Jordan Balaber featuring June Jenkins, Martha Da'ro, and Sanne Dodie: You're Welcome

A mixtape.

Sanne Dodier (b. 1962) is an artist and the mother of Nikima and June. Martha Da'ro (b. 1995) is a genre bending singer-songwriter, based in Brussels. She first started as a member of the hip hop collective called Soul'Art, before starting her solo career in 2018. Her debut EP "Cheap wine & Paris" was released in March, 2020. June Jenkins (b.1994) is a Portland, OR based composer and pianist. Jordan Balaber (b. 1992, Washington DC) is a composer based in Queens, New York. His recorded work has premiered and received acclaim on Mary Anne Hobb's "Sunriser" music series, The Quietus, the Guardian, Dummy, Line of Best Fit and NTS Radio. He has collaborated with choreographer Nikima Jagudajev since 2016, designing immersive, interactive sonic environments for her performances using a blend of intimately sourced field recordings, looped fragments of popular music, and extended instrumentation. Nikima Jagudajev (b. 1990) is a choreographer based in New York and Brussels. Her work, expanding formal dance into the construction of open-ended socialities, has been presented in the context of Material Art Fair’s Immaterial (CDMX), Kurimanzutto gallery (CDMX), Centre d’Art Contemporain (Geneva), the Whitney Museum of American Art, Human Resources LA, Rockbund Art Museum (Shanghai), Villa Empain (Brussels), and as part of and 89+ at LUMA/Westbau (Zurich) and the Marrakech Biennale (Morocco).

4:00pm: Yellow Back Books: Shorts
Short soundworks, texts and conversations from artists in Cardiff who write and publish, hosted by Yellow Back Books.
Yellow Back Books is a project platforming artist books, expanded publishing and artists who write. A collaboration between Clare Charles, Freya Dooley, Louise Hobson, George Manson and Becca Thomas, the project comprises pop-up itinerant events alongside a bookshop and reading room based at ArcadeCampfa in Cardiff, Wales. 
5.00pm: Cinzia Mutigli: Finally got a balance, all the support of a modern society
The role of the capitalist socio-political environment and work culture in the causation of anxious states and mental health issues in the population. Cinzia's voice is meshed with thinking from Mark Fisher and Arlie Russell Hochchild alongside snippets of Marilyn Monroe's personal experience, a Wim Hof breathing exercise, advertisements and a mantra in Gillian Anderson's voice. A collaged audio publication winding through interconnected themes and motifs including addiction, anxiety, pattern, wallpaper, hair, performance, rehearsal, repetition, loops.
Born in Edinburgh, based in Cardiff, Mutigli uses text, performance, film and audio to make work that links her own story to wider cultural histories. She's interested in how domestic, social, political and popular cultural aspects of our environment interact to impact us. Her approach is rhythmic, she talks about patterns, habits, cycles. Time passes and loops back round again. Recurring themes and motifs include wallpaper, hair, rehearsals and putting on an act. She shares the limelight with popular cultural icons and sometimes we stand in for each other. Recent projects include Cheery Like Lorraine Kelly’s Cheery, text, ON CARE, Ma Bibliothèque, July 2020; My Boring Dreams featuring Kylie, Neneh, Whitney and the Gang, video, The Sunday Painter Gallery, London, 2019; and Diana Ross Shaped, Cubitt, London, 2018. A new film commissioned by Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh, will be launched in August 2020.
6.00pm: Hannah Regel: Oliver Reed
Hannah Regel reads from her poetry collection.
Hannah Regel co-edited the feminist journal SALT from 2012-2019. Her writing has been published in Hotel, Queen Mob's Tea House, Eros Journal, The Scores and Tinted Window, amongst others. Her chapbook of poems, When I Was Alive (Montez Press) was published in 2017. Oliver Reed is her first full-length collection. She is currently working on a novel about misuse. Hannah lives in London.
7.00pm: Ashley Holmes: Time & Times Pt. II
'Time & Times' is a series of sound works made in 2020, broadcast across different radio and podcast platforms. Part II is a 60-minute broadcast that includes recently made and collected works in progress, music, cover versions, field recordings and poetry extracts. It continues recent work and research exploring the lineage and traditions of Black cultural production, sound and musical practices.
Ashley Holmes is an Artist, DJ and broadcaster from Luton and currently based in Sheffield, UK working across installation, sound, radio broadcasts and performance. His work and practice draws relationships between an interest in musical practices, cultural ecologies and the ways economic, legal and political systems have functioned to create conditions that assert ideas of identity, property and citizenship.
8.00pm: Jacqueline de Jong in conversation with Juliette Desorgues
Jacqueline de Jong and MOSTYN Curator, Juliette Desorgues, discuss de Jong's life, work and forthcoming exhibition at MOSTYN in 2021.
Born in the Netherlands in 1939, de Jong is a key figure of the European postwar avant-garde who is now looking back on a career spanning half a century. Her role in the Situationist International marked her early years in Paris in the 1960s, where she was actively involved in the student and art protests. In parallel to her work as an editor and designer - most notably for The Situationist Times, which she founded and published from 1962 until 1967 - de Jong has developed a unique painterly practice. In its spontaneity, de Jong's expressive, often grotesque and excessive style follows the anti-academic and non-conformist aesthetic of the avant-garde. The artist mixes exuberant collages of narrative, realistic fragments. Her tone can lean towards the absurd and enigmatic, but always with a desire for figuration and physical presence. Expressive yet realistic, her work exhibits uninhibited eroticism and sexual liberation.  
9.00pm: Goldsmiths Wildcats: In Conversation

At the end of May 2020, a group of casualised workers at Goldsmiths College in London announced they would be withdrawing their labour by taking part in a marking boycott, in response to a wave of redundancies, nonpayment for hours worked during lockdown and the management’s decision not to furlough staff. This conversation, recorded over Zoom, brings together five organisers of the wildcat strike to reflect on what made the action necessary, what its implications are for labour struggles in academia and beyond, and what its potential fallout - and future - will be. The fee for this event was donated to Sistah Space.
10.00pm: Endangered Languages Project: Voices of Resilience
11.00pm: Endangered Language Alliance with Natalie Galpern, Nicole Galpern, and Ross Perlin: Language at a Distance
At a time of distances, this segment explores how people have communicated when they’re not together. Forget Zoom or AIM, or even the telephone, the telegraph, and writing — there are older and more artful systems, still used in pockets around the world but unsung and increasingly endangered. Whistling languages have linked shepherds, hunters, and others in zones of dense vegetation on the Canary Islands, by the Black Sea, and elsewhere. Drum languages, especially common among speakers of West African tone languages, relay messages between villages through rhythm. Bells peal out times and festivals and news, forging communities among those in earshot. Yodeling still echoes in the Alps and beyond. Have a listen, if these sounds can reach you.
Montez Press is an artist-run publisher and radio station operating between London, Hamburg, New York and Brussels. Envisaged as the third iteration of the spirit of Lola Montez (Lola, Maria, Mario), Montez Press was formed in 2012 and has since worked to publish texts writing against current critical modalities and theoretical dogmas which inform the workings of the contemporary knowledge economy.
Part of MOSTYN's EDGE digital programme, supported by Arts Council of Wales